About Us

Founded in 2001, Cybele Investments provides various investment banking services in a manner unparalled in quality to Israeli customers, while drawing on common practices employed in the US and Europe. Cybele is a leading player in the world of private and public offering consulting services, and engages in renering investor relation services, acquisitions and mergers, brokerage services for funds and private clients, and more.

Cybele provide a unique range of services to both public and private companies, venture capital funds, academic institutions, controlling shareholders and stakeholders, and perseveres in providing the best services possible to the full satisfaction of its clients.

Cybele Capital Markets Ltd. is an underwriting company owned by Cybele Investment House Ltd. (80%) and Ayalon Investment House Ltd. (20%). Cybele Capital Markets provides consulting and underwriting services to a wide range of public companies in various fields such as: real-estate, medical equipment, communication, finance, pharmaceuticals, retail, gas, oil and others.

Cybele Investment House also owns the financial portal Sponser, www.sponser.co.il, one of the leading financial and news portal in Israel. Sponser provides news and services to a wide range of private surfers and reaches more than 180,000 unique users per month. The web site Sponser has the most active forum platform in the local market with more than 6 million pages viewed per month and thousands of professional articles that are posted daily.

Cybele serves as the exclusive Israeli representative of US hedge funds, and acts as the liaison between those funds and Israeli companies and institutions.


What makes Cybele unique- one of the things that render us unique among consulting companies is the fact that Cybele actually invests in the portfolio companies it serves. Cybele also deals in a variety of fields and projects that are related to the type of activities pursued by the companies it serves, and is thus a full-fledged partner to its clients, rather than a mere consultant.