Investor Relations

Cybele Investments offers investor relations services to a large variety of public companies that deal in such ventures as telecommunications, biomed, high tech, services, oil and gas, real estate, and more. Services include building capital market strategies and monitoring their implementation, formulating key messages and conveying them to various target audiences, strengthening the relationship with existing shareholders, capital market positioning, increasing security tradability, augmenting transparency towards investors, devising and authoring informative capital market-related materials, facilitating the development of media-focused strategies, assistance in complying with requirements set forth by regulatory agencies, scheduling meetings with institutional and private investors, arranging conventions, and more.

Cybele devises a personalized work plan for every company it serves. The plan is tailor-made to suit the purposes of the company and its various stages of operation, and acts as the company’s consultant in all matters pertaining to its capital market activity.

Cybele has been deeply familiar with a variety of capital market investors for many years. Such investors include: insurance companies, provident funds, pensino funds, trust funds, investment portfolio management companies, analysts, nostro investors and private investors. The company also acts as the external agent that facilitates, reinforces and preserves the relationship between the company and the capital market investors community.