Private Offerings

Cybele Investments also provides consulting services for private companies seeking to engage in private offerings, and services to public companies traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange that seek to engage in private offerings as well. The facilitation of private offerings requires highly skilled and experienced consultants. Our consultants are intimately familiar with all pertinent regulations, and hence are capable of providing relevant information to offerees without conferring them with an advantage over the rest of the public. The advantages of public offerings when compared to other types of offerings include reduced costs, more focused capital raising efforts, minimal exposure and reduced negative effects on the company’s value in the course of raising capital.

In providing private offering consultation services, Cybele plays an active role in formulating a strategy for raising capital, presenting the company to investors, facilitating negotiations on investment terms and conditions, facilitating investment agreements until closure is achieved.

When engaged in private offerings, Cybele deploys its investment company, Inspiration Investments, which serves to identify the best private investors that comprise the basis of the company’s capital.